Caring Dads Programme

Islington and Camden have teamed up to deliver another Caring Dads programme. It will start in May 2018, with another programme being delivered in October 2018.

The Caring Dads programme is designed to help fathers improve relationships with their children and end controlling, abusive and/or neglectful behaviours. However to be clear this is NOT a perpetrator programme or suitable for high risk cases or those where Domestic Violence is still a recurring issue. For fathers who require a perpetrator programme, please refer to the perpetrator programme.

The Caring Dads programme focuses mainly on helping fathers to have more positive parenting and child centred approaches to parenting and touches on changing unhealthy, hurtful, abusive and neglectful father behaviours. The focus is therefore the child/father relationship as the motivation for change. This motivational approach means we are able to engage fathers by asking them to think about how to parent their children differently and the evidence shows in turn how this impact on these interactions but also those with the mother. Over 17 weeks, father’s consider:

  • How their behaviour as a parent can be affected by your own childhood experiences of parenting
  • What emotionally abusive, controlling or violent behaviour between/towards parents feels like for a child
  • What children need from their dads to improve and strengthen their relationship.

Mother’s will be allocated a women’s safety officer throughout the duration of the programme.

Caring Dads is an intervention for fathers (including biological, step, common-law) who have physically abused, emotionally abused or neglected their children, or exposed their children to domestic violence/conflict with the mother or who are deemed to be at high-risk for these behaviours. The Caring Dads Programme has been developed for men who:

  • Have physically and/or emotionally abused their children
  • Are at risk of maltreating their children
  • Have an over-bearing, controlling style of interacting with their children
  • Alternatively are under-involved and distant with their children
  • Have physically or emotionally abused children’s mothers
  • Have contact with their children
  • Have some motivation to address their behaviour and abide by the programmes rules and processes.

The programme offers a unique opportunity for men to connect with other fathers to:

  • Develop sufficient trust and motivation to engage in the process of examining their fathering
  • Increase their awareness of child-centred fathering and responsibility
  • Increase their awareness of their responsibility for their own abusive and neglectful fathering behaviours and the impact this has on their children

Camden and Islington are taking an early intervention/help stance and therefore are looking for fathers who do not meet the threshold of needing a higher risk perpetrators programme. Due to the nature of the group the following fathers are not deemed to be appropriate:

  • Those who do not speak fluent English (If you have a father with English as a second language then please contact us so we can collate this information to help inform future delivery or dads can be signposted)
  • Those with limited literacy
  • Those who are dependent on substances
  • Those with severe mental health difficulties
  • Where there has been a serious domestic violence incident in the last 3-6 months (please contact us to discuss this further on a case by case basis)
  • Fathers who do not see their children regularly
  • Fathers who are known to have sexually abused others
  • High level domestic violence and risk (needs to be referred to perpetrator programme)

If you think you have a father who would benefit from this programme, or would like to have further consultation, please contact:

Jessica Eneberi

Telephone: 020 7974 4690



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