National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

18th of March is National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness day

There will be an event on Friday 17th March 2017 3pm–8pm at Kings Cross/St Pancras Station and surrounding areas. This will be an awareness raising/educational event around CSE. There will also be visits to nearby hotels/pharmacies/fast food outlets etc. Police/Social workers/voluntary sector services and young people will be involved in this event.


  • Schools officers together with local partners will be giving information on CSE in assemblies for secondary schools.
  • Venues such as licensed premises, hotels, Shisha bars will be visited by police and licensing staff to provide posters that will be placed in their venues. Staff will be reminded of their responsibilities to report any behaviour that they believe falls into CSE.
  • Chelsea’s Choice (CSE play) is being shown in secondary schools in Camden & Islington in the build up to National CSE day.

Please help spread the word so more people are made aware of this important campaign.


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