Child Protection and Information Sharing System (CP-IS)

Important information for children and young people, parents and foster carers on CP-IS

The system works in the following way:

  • Health professionals in emergency and unscheduled health care settings can check the system to see whether a child or young person who is seeking treatment has a child protection plan or is looked after.
  • Checks can also be made on pregnant women to see if their unborn child has a pre-birth child protection plan.
  • If the child or young person is known, the health professional can send an electronic notification to the social services department to let them know that the child has attended the health setting.
  • This can then be followed up with a phone call or email to the allocated social worker to explain why the child or young person presented and what treatment was given.
  • The child or young person’s details will remain on the system for 12 months after the child protection plan ends or they are discharged from care.

To keep your information safe:

Only unscheduled settings will have access to the system, for example:

  • hospital emergency departments
  • out of hours GPs
  • walk-in centres
  • minor injuries units
  • paediatric wards
  • ambulance services
  • maternity units.

Only the following details about the child or young person will be available to medical staff, for example:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • whether they have a child protection plan or are looked after.

Only authorised staff in the NHS and social services can access the system. Access to the CP- IS system is limited to a small number of staff who must follow the rules set out in a national information sharing protocol that makes sure sensitive personal information about children and young people is only shared in a lawful way that keeps them safe.


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